How to lose weight? 10 things about weight loss You didn't know

At the close of the main demonstration event of the summer, the more urgent the question of how to lose weight? I know that many of You in this topic, you will submit an application, and I am all the more pleasant to cover. In General, the work in this direction, we pay more attention than usual is likely to create a series of notes. Why am I such a global level, has decided to approach the issue? Read it to learn all by yourself.

How to lose weight: an introduction to the issues. The practical advice.

I would like to start with a little history.

How to lose weight

As You know (you know, isn't it?), I don't write in my journal that are not based on anecdotal information, and a superficial examination of the issues. So, this is the time when you will follow on the topic of how to lose weight? The first thing that had to be faced - an abundance of business proposals from various entities (companies, people) that offer their most innovative products and technologies on the weight of the weight of it all. I have to say that the amount of such draft, I had just fallen into a light shock: then you colored tables (as in the movie "the Matrix"), to hormonal remedies and in a variety of types of wraps, and even a special talk berries.

Out of all of this my fragile brain for a long time, he was not able to come to myself :). I felt so sad that the network is in the first position in the results were exactly the sites, and related proposals, I have decided to knock out this "heresy" in a few useful items, and I have no reason to doubt that the understand the conceived, including Your own help).

The second is my observation and conclusion that it was related to the paucity (lack of completeness), and the fragmentation of the data. Second, there is no clear structure, the proposed council is not, they are all the same. In General, summing up, I would have to say that the situation in relation to the topic of weight loss – it is deplorable, and because they are tied to the money and the desire to play (make) the problem of the human being. Uncle and aunt with the magical pills and drugs that promise weight loss by doing nothing (and just take gain of their most innovative things) I would like to "cut the dough" with unsuspecting people. And, judging by the choice of such a proposal, and the abundance of advertising, and they are pretty good.

All of this is said to gradually be brought to a conclusion – I will never lose weight, if you do not stop to believe in "miracles". Weight gain (usually) possible only if:

  • I'm not going to take any responsibility for the current state of the self;
  • realize that you can help yourself, only yourself you have to work;
  • you can change your habits;
  • you make rational actions.

Only by observing these points, the possible positive outcomes of care (nursing) extra pounds. Otherwise, it is better not to read the note, and back on the search for miracle drugs and methods – "lose weight without having to do anything".

This is the introduction part, the main purpose of which was to be placed to the right of the working heart. Well, come on in.

As I said before, in the future, it is more than one member of the series of how to lose weight, so now we are waiting for the light of it, in which there is no theoretical and abstruse thinking, but the 10 cases of chips, the implementation of which will help You to once and for all get rid of your pounds.

Well, enough of preambles, move on to the practical part of it.

In the human body, there are different types of fat, so if it doesn't seem complete, it doesn't mean that it is not over, and that he was not experiencing any apparent health problems.

The negative impact on the internal body fat, visceral. Its distinctive feature is that it is not visible to the naked eye, it is only diagnosed in a specialized clinic, the use of MRI (magnetic resonance tomograph). The scanner found hidden in the fat around the internal organs: the liver, the kidneys, and so on.

Usually, the result of this research, it is in the picture (a 1 – a deviation from the norm; 2 – norm).

Most of the increase in his waist size, he says, for the appearance of the body, the visceral body fat. He is starting to put the pressure on the abdomen, and the person in the stomach. In turn, this is the fat disappears first, and if You are starting to diet (eat right and exercise.

In fact, let's consider the basic tips that will help you to lose weight and, as a consequence of this, is to get rid of the internal fat.

Tip # 1. Don't skip meals.

A lot of people believe that if they miss a meal (for one second), it will begin to lose weight. On the one hand, the logical - eat less (consume fewer calories), so you can get a better one, no matter what. However, not everything is so simple.

All of the counters in the binge eating control of the higher nervous activity of the brain. It is a diet signs of that cause a person to not pay attention to the food. In particular, after a hearty Breakfast (t' is. when it is not to be missed), the brain is in a state of satiety, and practically does not react to the food. If you want to be a "result" of some of the meals, the brain begins to rapidly respond to high-calorie foods (cakes, chocolate, doughnuts, etc.).

Conclusion: You can't skip Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and thus deceiving himself, - but the brain is not able to deceive. He will try in every way to be compensated for the meal, and we will do this in the most "disgusting" way - with the dream of high-calorie foods.

Tip # 2. A change in the menu.

A simple, yet very effective way to lose weight is to take a plate to a smaller diameter. Normally, the plate having a diameter of 30 cm, by 25 cm, Which would significantly decrease (by 22%) in the total amount of food consumed.

Here, the main feature lies in the fact that people just can't stop until I pulled out the whole plate. Or, you could actually eat from smaller plates, however, there is a great deal you eat, simply because you may not be able to stop in time.

Tip # 3. You are counting the calories.

All of us have their favorite foods, which we consume without even thinking about its calorie content. To deny the latter would be a disaster for many people, so we are going to do this, we will replace it with a more low-calorie counterparts.

Go through all three of the meals, You are able to reduce the number of calories consumed. The consumption of low-calorie versions of these products to your normal diet, you will begin to lose weight. As the saying goes: "for the wolves to be fed and the sheep to be safe!".

Tip # 4. Don't overeat.

One of the main reasons for excess weight is overeating. Pounds adhere due to the fact that You are breaking the Golden rule of balance, which is said to lose weight, you will need to spend more calories than you consume.

You don't eat more than normal (even for women, the daily rate of calories is 2100-2800 calories for men 2800-3500k calories), you need to keep a log of what and when You eat it. In addition to this, it is necessary to do absolutely all of the consumed food (biscuits with the tea at work, a snack in the car, etc.). Usually, people don't write, and a half-used products because I simply don't see how they can eat it:).

Tip # 5. Give them the benefit of the protein.

Products such as lean meat (Turkey, rabbit), eggs, beans, fish will give the body a longer saturation. In addition to the "debt," in the feeling of satiety will eat less at the next meal.

Why do proteins have the same property? Let's have a deal.

In the course of the reception of food into the digestive system and is released into the blood hormone PYY. When it gets to the brain then suppresses the signals for hunger, and people are already feeling a sense of satiety. The greatest influence on the production of PYY, has a protein.

Conclusion: include in your daily meals and the protein, in particular lean on them in the morning meal (Breakfast).

Tip # 6. Consume food in the form of a puree.

To "stretch" the feeling of fullness until the next charging process, it is necessary to turn the solid food into a liquid (add a cup of water and put it in a blender).

As you can see, this food gives you a longer feeling of satiety. This is because, in the course of the reception of a solid food with a glass of water) the stomach wall is stretched, however, the fluid in the second is not delayed. There are only small pieces of solid food fairly quickly (within 2 hours) to digest and take up less volume. Therefore, the gut is rapidly decreasing.

On the other hand, if the food is clear, you add water to get the consistency of a soup), the total volume of the parts increases, and it is a lot longer and are digested in the stomach.

Tip # 7. A reduction in the diversity of the country.

Long gone are the days when shops had a shortage of the commodity. In the USSR Ostankino sausage, dressed with the morning, and in the other it was not a simple one. Right now the shelves and bursting with abundance of food. So often they come into the store, her eyes just beginning to disperse, and you don't know what it is to be stopped in your eyes, because everyone wants to try.

Also, the variety in food is related to the amount of food that you eat. In itself the rich, the selection is good, but the process is the selection of foods is related to the brain, and he wanted to try out all the things that are present in abundance. As a result of this freedom, people are able to eat (and eat) 20-30% more than what you can.

Conclusion: the possibility of choice increases our instinctive desire to eat it all at once, which leads to overeating.

Tip # 8. Don't be afraid to consume dairy products.

We all know that dairy products are rich in calcium. So, here he was, getting into the small intestine is linked with the fat molecules, resulting in not absorbed by the body, a substance. The latter, together with the slag, it is easy to be excreted from the body. Fat, on the other hand, is never delayed, and the person does not become a full.

Conclusion: the low-fat dairy products contributes to much better (2 times, compared to their absence in the diet) excretion of fat.

Tip # 9. Provide your body a muscle strain.

A lot of people don't want to go to the fitness clubs or gyms. However, the following fact can be a dramatic change in their (and Your) position. The body after physical activity and may cause the subsequent burning is the fat "burning" in the next 24 hours after the class. It turns out that working out in the evening (say, at 19-00, the fat you burn when you sleep and throughout the next day.

This happens due to the fact that our body uses for its energy supply on a variety of fuels (mainly carbohydrates and fats). Carbs during a workout burns more quickly, and, after the class, and their stock is very depleted. To do so, you have a period of 24 hours. Due to the priority of the source of power, not a body to maintain its activities (life processes) in the oil.

Tip number 10. Be active for any reason.

Most of the people do not know how effective, and beneficial for your body to get used to the weather. Here are some of the examples of how to combine it with a day (the usual case) to the useful (fat-burning):

  • we are talking on the phone, not being able to walk around the room or in place;
  • taking out the trash, get down and climb up the stairs of the foot;
  • go to the domestic animals, the moving of a pet;
  • go to work, and from work on foot (or get off at one stop earlier);
  • if it doesn't go on the escalator, and climb on it;
  • sedentary work is to be done in the activity.